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 Real Money

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PostSubject: Real Money   Real Money I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2012 7:20 pm

Before 1967 our currency was backed by Gold and Silver. Which means money had value. Dollars, Quarters, Dimes were made out of 80% silver. In 1965 you could go to the gas station and get a litre and a half of gas for a silver dime. Fast forward to today you can't get that litre and half of gas. But if you take that same silver dime from 1965 you can go to the coin shop get $1.80 for it and get your litre and half of gas.
The price of things haven't gone up but the government has devalued the dollar. For over 5000 years gold and silver has been the currency of the world. A silver dime was a days wage all the way up to 100 years ago. This would feed a family just fine. Our current money is called fiat currency which is backed by nothing. We borrow money from the elites which has interest attached to it. Paper with no true value. The federal reserve in the USA is owned by rich zionist bankers from Europe known as The Rothschilds. They are destroying the world as we know it and everyone is blind to it they pretty much own the world. All governments of the worl are foot stools to them. We don't need to fight our governments but the elites of the world. One of the best ways to start is to start buying silver from your local coin shop called junk silver this is 80% silver coins with no collector value just the silver content.
When the real collapse comes and mark my words its coming silver and preparedness will be one of your best weapons to help start in the coming paradime shift and fight against the NWO.
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Real Money
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